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About iSurveyX

Discover the new web application for conducting surveys via IVR


Fast and efficient

Create a new campaign through a professional platform

Management through Web Interface

Through our web platform, get online access to your surveys, analyzing the results of your campaign, minute by minute

Real-time monitoring

Analysis of the results in real time, both globally per year, as of each call you make

How does it work?

Our platform Surveys and Statistics On-Line, provides the most efficient and automated tool to monitor every answer of your respondents, so you can take immediate decisions based on real data.

IVR survey system through VoIP, which allows you to access on-line results. Some of its profits are: duplication of campaigns, display real-time reports for each campaign, displaying the results of each call, and many more key roles in the success of your project.

We have a control panel easy understanding, multilingual, and permissions leaks configurable user levels. Take maximum control of everything that happens, when it happens.

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Formal Platform Presentation

Watch our video demonstration of features of our calls through VoIP.

IVR Survey System over VoIP

Now it's easier than ever to carry out political polls, rating measurement and market research.

Integrated with IDialerX

integrated platform powered by iDialerX calls. To make it easier, automated scheduling for VoIP phone calls and tracking of each campaign

Questionnaire Design

Allow rotation of blocks of questions, answer choices rotation within the same question, up to 10 response options (0-9), audios generated through audio player or the most prestigious TTS (text to speech) firms (verbios, loquendo, etc.).

Questions in Audio

generation of questions with multiple modes. Different actions to detect DTMF related Next_Question / DTMF typed in previous question, Hangup: Cutting Communication, Complete: complete survey, Recording: open_end question.

On-Line Reports

Reports as respondents are answering the questionnaire. Statistical graphics automatically REFRESH every 30 seconds. Option to pause momentarily statistical graphics update

Questionnaire Test

Test the programmed telephone questionnaire before starting his campaign

Cloning Questionnaires

Schedule 1 questionnaire. Clone it as many times as needed. Apply each questionnaire to a locality to administer quotas

Dialer Statistics

Please have all necessary reports to analyze the quality of the calls is performing.

API Integration

Integrate iSurveyX with your existing development. Schleude survey without using the web interface

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Great features iSurveyX

  • Downloading databases with results exported to XLSX format statistical analysis.

  • Visualization of results of each call. Date, start time, duration, TE Nº, DTMF fingering.

  • Number of full questions, incomplete. Number of respondents for each question. Frequencies and percentages of responses for each question.


Learn more about iSurveyX and each of its functions


Schedule Calls

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Creating Polls

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Manage Campaigns

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Recycling Calls

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Detailed Reports

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Setting Polls

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Dialer Stats

Dialer Stats

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Users Access Levels

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